How can I get an estimate for one of your products?
If you’re interested in one of our equine products, please contact us so that we can set up a time to discuss specific details.


Will you be at the next horse show?
We frequently visit shows and expositions throughout different states. For an up to date list of our upcoming visits, please visit our show calendar.


What kind of sales tax do you have on your products?
Equine products sold by AmberWay Equine Solutions are associated with State Sales Tax of Kentucky and of Florida.


What is your return policy on products?
At this time, we do not offer returns or refunds for our products. 


I am interested in buying products in bulk for my facility; do you offer any kind of discount for bulk purchases?
Yes, we offer discounts for purchases made in bulk on a case by case basis. For more information, contact us and let our representatives know about your interest in buying bulk.


Are your recycled pavers safe for my horses?
We provide installation of Pavesafe pavers, which is manufactured by a unique re-bonding process. This process cleans the 100% recycled tire rubber until it’s pristine and creates pavers that are not only superior in their physical properties but that are also superior in controlling bacteria.


What sizes are your pavers available in?
From horse arena surfaces to the surface of your barn, we offer surface pavers in the following sizes: full pavers, half pavers and paver tiles.


What kind of facilities do you offer lighting for?
We have a number of different kinds of lighting available. We offer aisle lights, barn lights, arena lights, horse stall lights, as well as washing and grooming lights.


What “green” products do you offer?
We have a number of products that can help you go green with your barn or facility. With Equilumination Lighting, we provide green, energy efficient lighting solutions. Our StableComfort flooring enables less shavings, less waste, smaller compost piles and is also made of recycled rubber. Our Pavesafe pavers are also manufactured from 100% recycled rubber. These products are only three of our green products. If you’re interested in finding out about our other green products, you can find more information on our product pages.