As all horse enthusiasts know, equine accessories require special cleaning due to the vast amount of hair, sweat, dust and other bacteria that constantly come into contact with these items. Making sure that all horse blankets, rugs, boots and saddle pads are clean can be vital to your horse’s hygiene. When these items are not clean it can reduce the lifespan of our horses and can cause regular skin irritations and fungal infections.

Equestrian Cleaning Solutions

  • Washer-extractors with simple controls create low water and electricity consumption
  • Special cleaning programs designed for each different type of textile
  • Dispensing systems designed to release correct amounts of liquid cleaning agents
  • Tumble dryers that activate and reproof
  • Payment systems for self-service laundry
  • Ergonomic loading and unloading of laundry along with easy access to lint trap
Equestrian Cleaning Solutions

Miele’s Commercial Machines Offer:

  • Drum capacities from 8kg to 32kg
  • Specialist washing cycles including a Nikwax cycle to keep horse rugs water resistant
  • Antibacterial cycles to keep bacteria out of fabric
  • Hair and dirt filtration system
  • Extended wash times with pre-rinse and post rinse settings
  • Fast spin speeds for extreme water extraction while drying
Miele’s Commercial Machines Offer:


We have a detergent that will be gentle on the horse’s skin, but still provide a great clean. To waterproof your blankets, use detergents along with a wash cycle that can use a waterproofing agent like Nickwax to maintain the blanket’s resistance to water.

Wash Programs

Commercial washing machines provide a large range or programs and can be programmed to fit your needs. There are cycles to disinfect fabrics, as well as delicate cycles specifically for washing smaller items like horse bandages.

Choosing your Washing Machine?

What are you washing? How often? What type of fabric? These are the questions you must ask to help you decide what type of commercial washing machine you need. For example a standard commercial washing machine such as the Miele PW 6065 can either wash seven saddle pads, two summer blankets or one winter blanket. This is ideal if you do not have a lot of items to wash.

However, if you are a large facility with lots of laundry on a regular basis then the Miele PW 6321 would be a better option as it can wash up to 18 saddle pads, four summer blankets or three winter blankets.