Create a cool and inviting atmosphere with quiet, low-energy consuming, maximum air-flow fans

At Amberway Equine we believe that circulating air is healthy air, which is why we provide our customers with Cool Barns Stall Fans, an excellent addition to any horse barn or arena. Cool Barns offers many types and sizes of exhaust fans, shutters, air intakes, evaporative coolers, environmental controls, indoor and outdoor infared spot heaters, fan mounts, replacement fan blades an fan motors. The products offered by Cool Barns give the equine and show animal markets a wide range of circulation fans that move the maximum amount of air with as little noise and energy consumption as possible.

Cool Barn Fans

8″ To 24″ Equine Air Circulation Fans

Cool Barns Stall Fans are a variable speed* equine air circulation system used for year round ventilation in many barns including aisles and stalls, as well as naturally ventilated facilities.

*When used with speed controls.

  • Patented fan guard spacing is larger than traditional basket fans and provides more air movement.
  • Heavy-duty, totally enclosed, maintenance free and energy efficient motors.
  • Low noise levels.
  • Powder coated fan guard.
  • Rigid motor mount provides for easy installation.
  • Heavy-duty aluminum statically balanced blades.
  • All models can be used as single speed or variable speed when used with optional speed controls.
  • Mount models without OSHA guards seven feet or higher.
  • All models are direct drive.
  • Performances may vary. Circulation cubic feet per minute (ccfm) performance numbers tested in accordance to AMCA 230 standards as circulation fans.