equidry2002The EquiDry 200 is a premium fluorescent high bay that is durable enough for all types of riding arenas and coliseums.   The vented center ballast channel add rigidity while providing excellent heat dissipation.  The side mount access plate allows the fixture to be wired and installed without removing the lamps and provides access to the center knock out.  The EquiDry 200 is the most configurable and complete high bay line available.



Reflector Material: Roll Formed 95% Enhanced Anodized Aluminum

Reflector Size: 3 in. x 1.75 in. per lamp

Lamp Types: T5HO and T8

Material Options: .040 in. Aluminum White; .032 in. Steel White (22 ga.)

Paint: High Gloss Polyester

Height: 4 in.

Length: 48 in.

Width:3 in. x number of lamps

Heat Ratings: 138F 6 lamp T5HO aluminum; 131F 6 lamp T5HO steel

3/4 in. KOs: Center

1/2 in. KOs: End panels, each end on top

Access Plate: Side mount access plate with 1/2 in. KO

Mounting: Chain, Y Paddle Cables, Single Center Pendant, Dual Pendant, Surface Mount

Lens Options: Clear Acrylic, Poly Carbonate, Prismatic

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