When Choosing Lucas Equine Equipment, You Choose:

  • Seamless design. Systems designed and built to mount to your barn structure easily and seamlessly.
  • Aesthetic detail. Our professional architect designs your stall systems to have beautiful, clean lines, and to conceal mounting plates and hardware whenever possible.
  • Safer grill spacing. One-inch steel grills with a maximum of three-inch on-center spacing provides excellent safety for your animals. At Lucas Equine Equipment, we won’t compromise on quality or safety.
  • Highest quality raw materials. We’re perfectionists, especially when it comes to the materials we use. We select only the highest quality steel and wood, and inspect them in detail before we even begin your project.
  • Impeccable finishes. Getting an excellent finish is definitely an art. Our team of coatings specialists works meticulously to create a smooth, consistent finish on every part of every project.
  • Precision design. Precision construction. Exact measurements, well thought-out designs, detailed drawings and an exacting eye help ensure that Lucas Equine Equipment stall front panel systems are easy to install and fit right in with your barn’s design.
  • Quality control. With our stringent quality control process, your order is inspected at each point in the production process, from the design drawings to the time it leaves our shop.
  • The most choices on the market. While many companies may say they offer custom designs, Lucas Equine Equipment can truly offer you any style option or design you wish. For instance, we have more than 20 types of latches and 190 color choices, plus custom color matching.
  • Easy-glide track systems. Galvanized, overhead, self-cleaning, self-aligning roundrail track system with double-truck Delrin hangers for reliable and quiet operation.
  • Floor-mount or wall-mount door stops and guides. Stops and guides designed for easy gliding and reduced door wear and tear.

Lucas Also Offers:

  • Add-on latches or integrated latch systems designed for both safety and aesthetics.
  • Modern or old-world style hardware with a wide variety available to compliment the style of your barn.
  • Accessories that can be added on or integrated into any stall front, including swing out feeders and waterers, feed openings, blanket bars, and more.
  • One-year warranty on defects in Lucas Equine Equipment workmanship and materials.

Lucas Equine Equipment (LEE) design engineers can help you balance style, equine safety, and pricing…without sacrificing quality for your horse barn. Lucas Equine Equipment horse stall components are always custom designed and custom built for you.

In pictures, many of the horse stall equipment and horse stall components on the market can look very similar. However, there is much difference in the durability, strength and usability. It’s important to actually see some of this equipment in action when making a decision. Lucas Equine Equipment (LEE) can refer you to horse barns in your area where you can touch and operate the equipment.